Rich White Trash

Michael Moore has been making a lot of money the past four years at George Bush's expense.  If Bush is re—elected, Moore should continue to do very well making his propaganda movies and authoring his 'humor' books attacking the President. Bush in office is, after all, very good copy for Moore's business, which consists almost wholly of making money by ridiculing others.  So perhaps it is no surprise that Moore is one of those responsible for getting Bush elected in 2000. And more to the point, he may help re—elect Bush this time as well, whatever his avowed purpose in making the movie.   Moore's new screed, Fahrenheit 911, opened nationally this weekend in about 900 theatres. The movie, the top prize winner at Cannes, may make more money for Moore than his previous film, the Oscar winning Bowling for Columbine. The best—known movie reviewers have been pretty much unrestrained in their praise for the movie (A. O. Scott, Roger Ebert, Kenneth...(Read Full Article)