Has Bush Bottomed?

The Baehr Essentials We are over five months away from the Presidential election, and supporters of both candidates continue to behave in a manic—depressive fashion, as their candidate first pulls away and then falls behind. For several weeks, the story line of the race was that Democratic operatives were panicked that Kerry was falling behind despite bad news on Iraq, which should have lifted him into the lead. The Village Voice speculated about dumping Kerry at the convention, the Hillary—is—coming stories began to appear, and big Hollywood money—types met in panic at the home of Arianna Huffington to formulate strategy to turn the race around.  Then the Abu Ghraib story broke, and the media began to ignore anything else happening in the world to focus on it. Despite saying and doing nothing of any consequence himself, Kerry was suddenly was ahead five points in a few polls, instead of down five, as he had been just a few weeks before. The Bush...(Read Full Article)