Senator Hagel's Flashback

Some months ago, when Representative Charles Rangel (D) NY, first made the call to restart conscription, most people rightfully understood it as a political ploy designed to undermine President Bush in the conduct of The War on Terror.  It was a lame attempt to conjure up all of the old '60s memories of Vietnam anti—war protests and burning draft cards, while conveniently providing plenty of video footage to the media showing how divided the US was about the war. What was particularly sleazy about Rangel's efforts, was that he brought out the old class and race cards to resurrect the notion that the current fight in Iraq was not that much different than in Vietnam, where blacks (supposedly) and other minorities, and the lower class in general, took a disproportionate share of the combat casualties.  All of Rangel's arguments have been thoroughly debunked, of course.  All one has to do is peruse B.G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley's outstanding book Stolen Valor, or...(Read Full Article)