No Nuance

Nicholas Goldberg says that Israel and the US see the world "without nuance." In a recent commentary in the Sunday Los Angeles Times, Goldberg takes Israel —— along with the big Satan —— to task for their inability "to make distinctions among terrorists." An example of the sort of nuance that Goldberg thinks Israelis and Americans are unable to see is that while one Hamas thug, Abdulaziz Rantisi, is "loud, bitter and fiery," another —— the recently departed Hamas "spiritual leader" Sheik Ahmed Yassin —— had a voice that was "soft, almost childlike."  One might be tempted to believe that Goldberg is being ironic, but he's as literal as a truck bomb. He notes with perfect seriousness that Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, "has a chubby, babyish face and unusually twinkly eyes," while the late Yassin "had limp hands and sad eyes." All of this jaw—dropping nonsense is a prelude to Goldberg's declaration that...(Read Full Article)