More NYT front page propaganda

The New York Times does not give away front page space easily. But today, the Times awarded a front page article to a remarkable puff piece by Jodi Wilgoren, the correspondent covering the Kerry campaign. Obviously concerned about unflattering images of the Democrats' multi—millionaire standard—bearer, and his string of mansions, and his two marriages to extremely wealthy women, today's article tries to humanize Kerry. Kerry eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the campaign trail. He buys $15 reading glasses off the rack at CVS ( I assume they all serve equally well to correct his near or far sightedness).  Kerry also leaves generous ($20) tips for the maids in his hotel rooms. What a guy! Is this news? What is the purpose of the story, and its position on the front page of the Times? Was there no other breaking news worth covering today? The Times knows that MANY of its stories are picked up by its poorer cousins in the media, who happily fill their...(Read Full Article)