Jenin and Iraq: The Usual Calumnies

On the first night of Passover in late March 2002, a  Palestinian suicide bomber walked into the Park Hotel in Netanya, Israel and blew himself up in the dining hall. About 200 mostly elderly Jews (some of them Holocaust survivors) were sitting down for the traditional Seder meal.  The explosion killed 30 people, and injured over 100, many of them seriously. In the days that followed, the Palestinians unleashed a series of additional suicide bombing attacks in several Israeli cities. In all, 130 Israelis were killed in the attacks, the worst devastation in any period in the three and a half years of the current intifada.   Israeli Prime Minister Sharon decided that there was no longer any purpose in paying any allegiance to the fiction of the Oslo 'peace process'. Israeli forces moved to reoccupy the major Palestinian cities that had been surrendered to the Palestinian Authority in 1995 and 1996, and in certain cities, especially Jenin and Nablus,  began house to...(Read Full Article)