Rockefeller in the Fever Swamps

Senator John Kerry has been making nice with Jewish leaders the past two weeks since he has become the all but certain nominee of his party to run against President Bush. He met with 40 major Jewish organization leaders in New York last week, and publicly reversed position on several issues related to the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. He now says he supports Israel's security fence.   In the fall, Kerry attacked Israel's security fence in front of an Arab American group in Michigan,  claiming it was a barrier to peace. Kerry now admits that President Bush was right to isolate PA chairman Arafat, whom Kerry suggests has isolated himself. During the Clinton years, Kerry, like Present Clinton, had offered warm words about Arafat as a partner for peace, and an essential player in the peace process. Kerry has also backtracked from his previous statement suggesting that former President Carter, or former Secretary of State James Baker, would be good Middle East special...(Read Full Article)