George Soros Speaks

According to newspaper reports this week, financier George Soros, has a personal net worth of $7 billion, and has given $5 billion away to various charities and initiatives (drug legalization being a big one). No—one can identify a dollar of that $5 billion that ever went to a Jewish cause or to help Israel, where almost half the world s Jews now live.   But now Soros, a Jew, has let us know that he thinks George Bush is the greatest threat to the world, and that rising anti—Semitism has its roots in the behavior of Bush and Ariel Sharon. Soros is not introducing any new ideas here of course. Europeans in 14 of 15 countries polled said Israel is the greatest threat to world peace last week (Italy the only exception). Even worse, Soros says that Bush's America and its drive for world domination remind him of his experience with Nazi Germany, or living under Soviet rule in Communist Hungary.   Soros also says he will put his money where his mouth is, and has...(Read Full Article)