Putin and Obama: Brothers in Tyranny

In Moscow and St. Petersburg thousands protested when opposition leader Alexei Navalny was sentenced to five years imprisonment on the charge of embezzling from a state-owned timber company. The conviction, like that of other Putin opponents, seems fabricated to stifle opposition to the regime. The usual poseurs here and in Europe -- poseurs because they themselves regularly exercise as much tyranny as their existing state structures allow them to get away with -- condemned the verdict. Jay Carney, speaking for the White House, called it a "disturbing trend of government actions aimed at suppressing dissent in civil society in Russia." While the charge is undoubtedly true, Carney might focus his attention closer to home where is it increasingly obvious that Obama's 2012 re-election was facilitated by widespread unlawful harassment of his opposition by the Internal Revenue Service. The increasing evidence of this flagrant misuse of the IRS was highlighted in this week's House...(Read Full Article)