How Congress lost its Immigration Authority

While the Constitution gives Congress the exclusive power to "establish a uniform rule" of naturalization, this power has been usurped by the actions of many politicians in the past 40 years. I have written many times here in AT about what states have done to usurp this Congressional authority and in this piece will focus on those actions that are in most direct defiance of the Constitution. The story of how illegal immigration has grown is best told from an historical perspective. In 1942, as the U.S. began to build up industry for the war effort, it was thought that a guest worker program should be established to enable Mexican nationals to legally cross the border and do seasonal work in agriculture, freeing citizens to work in war industries. This "Bracero" program, as it was called, was the beginning of interference in immigration regulation. This is because the Bracero program was not established by Congress but by an agreement between the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and the...(Read Full Article)