America's Looming Quagmire in Yemen

The Obama administration is risking a fourth war in the Muslim world, escalating covert air attacks in Yemen.  The danger of being trapped in an endless, costly, bloody quagmire should worry every American.  The political dynamics of Yemen are poorly understood, and the administration risks being manipulated and exploited by forces it at best dimly comprehends. On June 4, the Yemeni resident Ali Abdullah Saleh, after being wounded in a rocket attack, fled to Saudi Arabia for treatment.  Though he has vowed to return to Yemen, his injuries are more serious than previously thought, with burns across 40% of his body and bleeding inside his skull.  With the prospect of his return highly unlikely, it is safe to say that he has in effect been ousted from power.  Does this alter the situation in Yemen to any significant degree? What appears to have marked the turning point in Saleh's fortunes was the conflict that recently arose between him and elements of the...(Read Full Article)