Bahrain: Can The U.S. Do Anything?

A vital Arab ally of the United States, the Persian Gulf base of our Fifth Fleet is imperiled, and there is little we can do.  Critics of the U.S. and NATO military operations in Libya often ask why there is no similar American intervention in Bahrain, where, in spite of the brutal crackdown on protestors, thousands of predominantly Shi'a demonstrators recently came out for a rally in the district of Saar, just west of Manama, the country's capital.  That is certainly a fair question.  On a brief note, however, I should like to emphasize that what follows is not to be taken as an argument for or against Western military intervention in Libya.  Rather, we should solely be concerned here with whether the U.S. can do anything about the present situation in Bahrain. Unfortunately, despite the harsh suppression of the protests, it turns out that American intervention in Bahrain of any sort is out of the question for a variety of reasons.  First, there are a...(Read Full Article)